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Facebook has made it simple to raise money for our annual Campaign, and because they waive transaction fees, you know that every dollar counts!

Creating a fundraiser is simple. First, make sure you are logged in to Facebook on the browser you are using. Next, go to https://www.facebook.com/fund/JewishCleveland/ and following the steps on the left-hand menu:

  1. Enter a fundraising goal amount (you can always change this later)
  2. Select your Currency (in most cases, this will be US Dollars)
  3. Set a date for the fundraiser to close (this helps to motivate your friends and family members to act before a certain day like Campaign Close, Super Sunday, your birthday or another important date)
  4. Name your fundraiser (make sure to include your name so your friends and family members know they are supporting your cause)
  5. Write an introduction that tells your friends and family members why you are raising money for our annual Campaign.
  6. If you have a fun and unique way to challenge donors, you can include this as motivation, such as matching their donations, sharing a funny photo or completing a bike ride when the goal is met.

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Campaign Events

  • AUG


  • Campaign Launch

    7:30 pm , Via Zoom

  • OCT


  • Super Sunday

  • DEC


  • Campaign Close

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Zoom Backgrounds

Use the link to download the high-resolution versions of these backgrounds for your virtual solicitations.

University Circle

University Circle

Here for Good

Here for Good

Main Avenue Bridge

Main Avenue Bridge