The annual campaign is how our community stays HERE FOR GOOD

You support the only organization in Cleveland that focuses on the health and vitality of the entire Jewish community.

You create the critical scale necessary to drive meaningful social change and provide relief in times of crisis in ways no one person or organization could do alone.

You are funding Jewish Cleveland’s hub for innovative solutions and collaborative services that address the evolving needs of the community here and around the globe.

You are investing in a trusted community asset with a proven track record as being the most efficient and effective way to make an immediate difference and a sustainable impact.

Bradley A. Sherman Message from
Beth Wain Brandon,
General Chair

You are the heart of the Campaign for Jewish Needs, and we deeply appreciate your generosity and dedication. Your support is vital to building the strength and solidarity of our Jewish community.

The Campaign is where optimism meets pragmatism – we’re saying that we see the problems in the world and here’s how we can do something about them. Every donor and every dollar supports lifechanging and lifesaving work – from ensuring Jewish Cleveland can continue to be a safe and thriving community to empowering our partners to bring help and hope to thousands here at home and in Israel, Ukraine, Ethiopia, and around the world.

I encourage you to think of all the ways the Campaign and the Federation have brought joy into your life. Moreover, I hope you take great joy and meaning in making your gift. We are so grateful to you for sharing our uplifting mission and creating positive change. Thank you for being HERE FOR GOOD with us!



Beth Wain Brandon, General Chair
2023 Campaign for Jewish Needs